Dos and Don’ts While Traveling to Copenhagen In Denmark

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Dos and Don’ts While Traveling to Copenhagen In Denmark

Are you planning to visit Copenhagen – the liveliest city of Denmark? If yes, then we assume that all the basics are in place including your flights, stay, guides etc. In this article, we are going to talk about few of the Dos and Don’ts while traveling to this beautiful city in Europe. Let’s first look into the Dos:

  1. Do expect to spend beyond your budget – Copenhagen is indeed an expensive city that requires you to spend a little extra on everything. A majority of the money is spent on the stay when we travel to any of the places. Therefore, it is recommended that you look for budget holiday accommodation Copenhagen. A little bit of saving on the stay can let you spend freely on food and other things.
  1. Do believe when we say that Danish are nicer people – Many believe that Danish people are very reserved and not so friendly with tourists or travellers. That’s not true. Danish people are nicer than what everyone believes them to be. They are welcoming when it comes to attending guests and extremely warm when it comes to offering hospitality.
  1. Do take a local Sim card – Calling abroad from Copenhagen could be an expensive affair when dialing from your country sim card. Therefore, it is advised that you buy a local sim card so that everything remains hassle-free and in budget.
  1. Do try out local café and coffee – Danish people are experts in making breakfast sweets. They also take coffee business very seriously. So, it is advised that you try out their cakes, pastries, and coffee at few of the best cafes in the city.

It’s time to learn about a few of the Don’ts in Copenhagen:

  1. Don’t be surprised when you are not asked about the pin while using credit card – This one sounds strange but you necessarily need to put your pin number while shopping your credit card. You are good even by signing on the payment slip.
  1. Don’t panic when you see a baby unattended in a stroller – Danish people believe in giving sunbathing to their kids. Hence, you would spot many strollers on the road with baby in them. Parents are usually keeping an eye on the stroller from far. So, don’t worry.
  1. Don’t ignore the bicycle lane – There is a separate lane for bicycles in the city, same like you have an auto lane in every part of the world. Don’t bother to walk in that lane. It can be scary.

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