Make Your Travel Dreams A Reality

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Make Your Travel Dreams A Reality

All of us dream of traveling the world. We all want to explore the wonders of Gods creation. We all save our money to make sure that one day we will make that dream trip.  But sometimes we end up making certain silly mistakes which will turn our trip into a disaster. Thus, to avoid such mistakes, there are certain tips that you have to keep in mind.


Patience is the key to a satisfying vacation. Things may not work out the way we plan it. Say you had booked Mumbai to Kolkata flights and you might miss the flight and  end up misplacing your luggage at the airport. The key to still enjoying the trip is to stay calm and think with a cool mind on how to tackle the situation .

Packing lists

At least a week before your travel, make a mental list of items you don’t want to forget. It is always advisable to write it down on a piece of paper or a notebook. Nowadays you can make use of technology. You can note it down on Evernote. It is a very useful tool that enables you to keep detailed notes of everything that you need.

Make photocopies of documents you need

Always carry photocopies of all the essential documents. Having a photocopy of documents like passport, your Mumbai to Kolkata flight tickets,driving license if you are going on a road trip, might prove to be extremely useful.

We do   not go on vacations every day. It is once in a life time. So look your best. To look your best, always plan what you are going to wear in advance. Do not end up looking black and grey

Carry extra camera batteries.

Carrying extra camera batteries is something you should never forget. There can be instances when you are witnessing the most beautiful sunset, and you want to capture it in your camera, and your camera gives up. This can be the worst thing that can happen to you during a trip. So, do not forget to carry extra camera batteries.

Travel Insurance

Try buying a travel Insurance. A journey is filled with uncertainties. Anything can happen anytime. You might lose your valuables. You might miss your Mumbai to Kolkata flights. You might get robbed. Accidents can occur anytime. So, only for the sake of safety, have travel insurance that will cover all your losses.

Carry medicines

Since you are traveling to a completely new place,things may not be favourable to you. There are high chances of you falling sick. Therefore, carry basic medicines like paracetamol, digestive tablets, etc

Learn a bit of the local language

You might have to deal with the locals, and you might be traveling in autos where the driver might know only the local language. Therefore learn few phrases of the local language. It will surely be helpful. It will help you to get better information about the place and also the public transport there.

So folks, if you consider these tips, you will surely have a great trip.

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