Staying In A Luxury Apartment In London Rather Than A Hotel

Staying In A Luxury Apartment In London Rather Than A Hotel

 Many visitors to London today are choosing to stay in one of the luxury apartments London has to offer rather than a hotel. There are now some 19 million visitors to London every year – that’s around two and a half times the population – and of course many do stay in a hotel. If you are only visiting for a short break of a few days, then a hotel may suffice, but it becomes a bit tedious for many people having to live out of a suitcase for any longer than that.

 A London hotel is so impersonal. There may be hundreds of guests, yet you could stay there for a month and never get to know anyone. Then there is the cost. Apart from the cost of the room itself, there is the cost of eating in the restaurant, and as for the bar prices you could be forgiven for thinking that they thought of a figure and then trebled it just to be on the safe side!

 The figures get even worse if you are, say, a family of four. You will need two rooms, so that is double the cost of one room, whereas you could rent a two bedroom luxury apartment for far less than that.

 You could be forgiven for thinking that London is such an expensive city and so crowded that there would not be very many apartments to rent, but there are actually more and more becoming available. It seems that some entrepreneurs have cottoned on to the huge rates charged by hotels and realised that they could let apartments for considerably less and still make a handsome profit. So that is exactly what they are doing.

 You will find that most of these apartments are beautifully furnished and have everything you need. TV’s with multiple channels in a wide variety of languages, high speed broadband, a fully fitted kitchen with dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer, and more. You can do your own cooking and eat whatever you like, just as you would at home and it will cost you a lot less than the hotel dining room. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can always eat out at one of the many fine restaurants in Central London. Furthermore, if you want to drink wine or other drinks, you can just buy them at shop prices rather than pay the inflated rates that hotels charge.

 Perhaps one of the best things about renting a luxury apartment is that you have your own home away from home for the duration of your stay. The apartment is yours and you are not mingling with hundreds of other people whom you will never get to know.

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