The Best Countries to Visit with your Family during Holidays

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The Best Countries to Visit with your Family during Holidays

When it comes to going on a holiday as a whole family including the children, a lot of people find it hard to choose the right destination. This is because when your kids are tagging along, you have to ensure that your ideal destination is children –friendly; it has some fun activities for children and facilities that are ideal for children. The following are some of the best destinations that are perfect for family vacation. If you are traveling for a holiday, you can contact for hotel bookings or flight tickets.


Indonesia is a country in the Southeast of Asia. It is made up of several volcanic islands and has different ethnic groups which speak different languages. The following are some of the places that you can visit while in Indonesia

  • Komodo National Park

This park is ideal for you and your family. This national park is located within the Lesser Sunda Islands. The islands include Komodo, Padar, and Rincah. The park is home to the world’s largest living reptile that is three meters long and weighs 70kgs.

  • Tanah Lot

The Tanah Lot is a spectacular temple found in Bali. The temple is believed to have been built in the 16th Century. You can drop by and take some stunning family photos.

  • Ubud

Ubud is seated among stunning terraced fields. It is considered the Bali’s cultural heart, it is also among the top tourists attractions in Indonesia.


Canada is a country found in North America whose capital city is known as Ottawa. The other major cities include Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, and Québec. Canada is home to various waterfalls. The following are some of the places you can visit with your family.

  • Ottawa

You can visit Ottawa which is the capital of Canada and see the famous Parliament Hill and Rideau Canal.

  • Vancouver Island

 It is located across from Washington State. You can access it by ferry.

  • Niagara Falls located in Ontario.
  • Banff National Park
  1. SPAIN

Spain is a country in Europe Continent. Its capital city is Madrid. Spain is known for its diverse for its diverse geography and cultures. The following are some of the best attractions in Spain.

  • Barcelona

This is one of the top tourist destinations because of the historic architecture, the lively shopping, and the vibrant culture. Some of the tourist attractions in Barcelona includes Casa Batlló and Sagrada Familia church.

  • Spanish Islands

The islands include Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. These islands are popular because of their beautiful beaches.

  • Seville

You can also visit Seville to see the grand Cathedra of Seville, where Christopher Columbus is believed to have been buried.


France is a country in Western Europe. Its capital city is Paris.  France is home to spectacular cities, alpine villages, and nice beaches. It is also known for its fine wines and exquisite cuisine. Travel companies such as Opodo can make your travel to France seamless. The following are some of the places that you can visit in France.

  • The French Alps
  • Lourdes, France’s biggest Catholic Pilgrimage Site
  • Lyon

Greece is a country in Europe and Athens city is its capital. Greece has thousands of islands. This country is also known for its nice beaches. The following are some of the country’s popular attractions.

  • Corfu
  • Rhodes
  • Delphi
  • Greece Islands

Finland is a county found in the Northern part of Europe. Its capital city Helsinki is home to the 18th —century sea fortresses Suomenlinna. The following are some of the places you can visit in Finland.

  • Tampere
  • Aland Archipelago
  • Finnish Lakeland

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